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"Life  Is  A  Carnaval...

Enjoy It  While  You Can"


343 SW 6th St 

Redmond, OR 97756


Our Hours

Monday - Thursday & Sunday
Friday & Saturday

11 AM –  9 PM

11 AM – 10 PM

Let Us Prepare Authentic Mexican Food For You

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Why Carnaval?

Our Story

It's curious to notice how this all started, more importantly, how Life lays out opportunities

Yadira and Emmanuel Medina both share their culinary roots from which they came from, Yadira from Mexico City and Emmanuel from El Grullo, Jalisco. Having the privilege of living in Redmond, Oregon, they met and worked at the same restaurant where years later they would find out that their unity could bring an idea for the likings of the Oregon community

This vision was started in 2019. Using Mezcal and the Carnaval Autlán Festival in Jalisco as their iconics themes, Carnaval Mexican Grill brings a blend of the exquisite Mexican cuisine and the diverse combinations of Mexican liquors.

With a combined experience of 25+ years, they are confident that their mission will prevail them to their vision, which is to share the Carnaval Mexican Grill taste to all of Oregon.

"We appreciate each and every one of those who gives us a chance to try our authentic Mexican dishes".


- Yadira x Emmanuel Medina

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Are you ready?

Look What We Have Prepared For You

Thank You Oregon Community

Our Restaurant Shares Redmond's History

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Have You Seen The Wooden Planks Used To Hold Our Spirits?

These cherished pieces of wood originate from the first hospital to exist dating back to 1951 in the city of Redmond, Oregon.

Fun Fact - Did you know that hospital is from the St. Charles organization?

Your perception will be forever changed when you see them again.


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Let's Prepare The Ideal Night Out

343 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756


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Know Before You Go
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Eres Siempre Bienvenido

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