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3 Cocktail Recommendations For A Night Out

A Few Of Our Mezcal Margarita Selections (Fresh, Blood Orange & Mango) -

Summer is just over a month here and well...

It's best to be prepared with refreshing drinks don't you think?

Here are 3 drinks we highly recommend you try out

1. Alex's Old Fashioned

- Do you know our team member Alex? He has been preparing drinks for several years and with his experience, he decided to create a blend of his own.

He based himself from the original recipe but alternated a few select ingredients and it taste very distinct.

2. Oaxaca Sour Mezcal Margarita

- One of Yadira's favorite drinks on the list, so you know it's a savoring mix of flavors. Mezcal is the Spirit we're trying to revive here in Central Oregon, that's why we have many Mezcal blends.

3. Mezcal/Tequila Cantarito

- Another Mexican tradition of having your prepared drink of Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, Salt and ice.

An excellent drink if you're looking to refresh yourself or add savor to any dish.

Well, now you have our recommendations for the drinks to order here with us at Carnaval Mexican Grill...

- Carnaval


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