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Central Oregon Has A Bright Future In The Food Industry

It's incredible to notice the massive expansion of local businesses that offer food related services like restaurants or food trucks

There have been those few popular restaurants that been in the Central Oregon community for over 15 years, which have gained the reputation and trust from the region

Although we notice that new places are also playing an important part of this region's economy

Ever since we started our vision, we have been grateful from one, you as our guest for preferring our cuisine and service over so many great options and two, the way this community has structed it's services

We all know that breweries, spirits, coffee and bud are the main local producers of our region... all which in someway or another, lead to food

All of these interesting dynamics are merging and creating opportunities for all of us

We can only imagine what these bright 5 to 10 years bring to the Central Oregon community

What do you think will happen?

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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