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Happy National Margarita Day!

We know, it's a day later...

For some reason this post wasn't published on the exact moment we hit the "Publish" button

.... Anyways

This day is special to those who can't resist the taste of tangy, mostly sweet, sometimes bitter Margaritas!

Here at Carnaval Mexican Grill we looveee Margaritas, that's why we focused our attention from the conception of our restaurant to bring the community of Central Oregon a great selection of this drink, with Mezcal being the primary Spirit

The photo we have here shows just 4 of our 10+ varieties we have

Left to Right: Tamarind Margarita, our Classic Fresh Margarita, an uncommon Blood Orange Margarita & last but not least, our Mango Margarita

Hopefully you celebrated yesterday's Lucky Day (2-22-22) with 2 Margaritas for you and 2 Margaritas with your friend or partner


- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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