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Homemade Style Salsas From El Grullo, Jalisco In Central Oregon

We have great news!!

If you have been to our restaurant at least once, then we are certain that you have tried our homemade style salsas...

Well, now they are available to take home with you!

These salsas are created using the traditional techniques, herbs and spices obtained from the Chef's (Emmanuel Medina) hometown of El Grullo, Jalisco, Mexico

Over the years, he has perfected his recipe and ever since Carnaval Mexican Grill has opened, these 2 are the salsas we serve to go along with any dish

It doesn't matter if it's on beans, rice, steak, pico de gallo, enchiladas or simply tortillas & chips, these salsas are sure to add the flavor that was missing in your Life

Stop by at our restaurant and grab yours!!

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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