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How Can You Tell From A Good And A Bad Mexican Restaurant?

Have you asked yourself this question?

There are so many options of great Mexican restaurants when you visit a new location, especially here in Central Oregon.

Although in this post you're going to learn how to seperate the good Mexican restaurants from the rest.

This 3 things can actually be applied to any Mexican restaurant you encounter, either here in little Redmond, Oregon or in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Let's begin...

1. The Service Once You Enter The Door

This is byfar the most important aspect to consider

If you arrive and once you open the door and pass through, nobody greets you when the host or hostess is present, then it's probably a good indicator that you can find another restaurant

Service to any industry is very important, especially to the restaurant business.

It tells you that their team isn't having a great time working there and the attention they'll give you can also be expected.

Nonetheless with the quality of your food.

Service is CRUTIAL...

2. The Salsa While You Wait For Your Food

This might be a subtle detail but with the experience of our Head Chef (Emmanuel), this is factor you should not miss

Who doesn't enjoy a great salsa?

More importantly when you arrive and they serve you a plate of chips and salsa, while you are waiting for your food to arrive, the moment you take that first bite of that tortilla chip and salsa, you will get a sense of how delicious the food you ordered will be

Trust us, this is subtle but important detail

3. The Tortillas That Accompany Your Dish

You can agree that a tortilla is easily 30% of your cuisine experience, right?

That is why we want to focus your attention on tasting the tortillas you are given when you order your dish

Since it's pretty difficult to obtain or make great tortillas, if you happen to come across some tasty ones, it means a great dish is about to behold you


Here's our opinion...

We recommend you to explore in your local town and see if these tips really help you decide between alright Mexican restaurants and great.

If you're in Redmond, Oregon, then making a visit to Carnaval will give you a good sense of what great Mexican cuisine is all about in this region of the World.


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