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Know A Little Bit About Yadira Medina

Born in Ciudad De México (CDMX), Yadira Muñoz was raised with all of her family as a little girl, from her Mom and Dad to her aunts, uncles and cousins. She never thought of been here in the US, but through the correct circumstances, she arrived to California.

She stayed for a few years and was almost thinking about returning to Mexico, but decided to move out here in Central Oregon.

Being in the restaurant business wasn't the first job she had. While working at a fill factory for a few years, she got offered a job at Madaline's Grill Restaurant in Redmond, Oregon. Pablo Peña greeting her and talk her everything he knew about the restaurant business.

She loved the position of working as a server so much that she spent 15 years developing her skills and earning people's trust along the way.

Her great charisma and positive attitude slowly but surely gained the guest's heart and a lot people requested for her to serve them everytime they stopped by. This was also the time when she also met Emmanuel Medina, who was the main chef at this restaurant.

Becoming friends at first, they enjoyed each other's company and decided to make it a romantic relationship. Time passed and they soon became 1 soul. Emmanuel having his passion for food and great culinary skill, while Yadira having the atributes of quality service and great heart, they decided to embark on this journey of creating their own restaurant.

And that's how they have arrived up to this point... Thanks for reading this post and enjoy your day! - Carnaval Mexican Grill


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