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Our 3rd Anniversary In Central Oregon!

We're truly excited to annouce that this 20th of November is our 3rd year of Carnaval Mexican Grill

All we really want to say is Thank You for choosing our restaurant for these short years!

It hasn't been an easy task but we're pleased to see that the dishes & drinks we offer have seen of a positive respone from our community. We will do our best to keep this vision of authentic Mexican cuisine for many years to come in the future

As you can probably see from our picture, this is the menu we are going to have to celebration the traditional recipes of Mexican gastronomy

As our main dish, we will be serving this 20th of November a traditional dish called "Mixiote"

It is a pork and chicken marinated in chilli spices and slow cooked, though the ingredient that adds the special flavor is the "Maguey"

We use the thin fascia layer of the Maguey to wrap these ingredients together and at the end it gives you a taste we simply can't describe in words, definitely a must try!

For drinks, we will be serving a variation of the Old Fashion Mezcal, plus a local favorite of Pomegrante Mezcal Margarita

Simply put, our main focus is to promote the Spirit of Mezcal in Central Oregon...

Thank you for being part of this and in coming years, you will see how our we offer new things to our community

We'll see you soon!

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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