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Out Of All The Spirits Available... Why Mezcal?

We understand that there are a lot places here in Central Oregon where you can find Tequila, Whisky or Beer! (A lot of Beer)

Although, it's very rare (almost none existent) where you can find a place to enjoy a wide variety of Mezcal Spirits or drinks

That's where we decided to innovate and bring something different to the community

We are pretty confident to say that we are the few places in Central Oregon where you will this much variety of drinks

From a simple Mezcal Margarita to a spicy Serrano Margarita, we have put our efforts to share with the Oregon community a new taste of México.

We are sure you will enjoy each and everyone of them

Just don't try them all in one sitting, we assure it will be a bit too many ;)

See you soon!

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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