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Spring Season In Central Oregon Never Got This Good With Our Recommended Full Meal Course

This Spring has been pretty rainy so far, that's we have listed this full meal course that you should, without a doubt, experience!

We mixed a wide range of flavors, from salty & juicy to sweet and crunchy.

Here's a brief description of each -

Drink: Mango Margarita

Mango season has arrived! Why let this delicious fruit be eated only in slices when you can have this sweet fruit with a blend of Mezcal and Lime.

You can ask your server if you would like a bit of Chili powder powdered on top, adding more of a tangy twist to your drink.


Appetizer: Grilled Octopus

What better combination of sweetness than with a salty and juicy contrast! This seafood dish will have your taste buds melting...

We select the freshest Spanish Octopus available, let it marinate over our in-house sauce, then place it on the grill to cook thoroughly and at the end, lay it on the roaster to add that smoky flavor.

Let us know how that goes!

Main Dish: La Rivera Maya

This cuisine from the southeast side of México has a ton of potential for being one of your favorites.

Shrimp, Halibut, Mussells, Octopus & Crab are the seafood you will relish when trying out this cuisine. So if you have a sweet tooth for seafood, this is the dish to go.

Dessert: Churros

To top it off and have an amazing night out in Central Oregon, try our Churros!

This dessert is crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside & covered in sugar. Just what the belly needs after all this food to finally be satisfied.

It's always best to share with that person you invited so both can taste our scrumptious treat.

So, what do you think?

Are is mouth watery already?

If that's a fact... Visit us soon at Carnaval Mexican Grill. We're located in Downtown Redmond, just besides Odem Theatre.

343 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756 To be exact....

Take Care!


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