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The Recent Spawn Of Mexican & Latin Restaurants In Central Oregon

A phenomena that makes us wonder of what's next for our community in Central Oregon.

These 2 years haven't been easy for any business..

Although, it didn't mean the end of small business owners who wanted to make the jump.

This summer has seen a growth of activities, events and restaurants.

From food trucks, local small spots and large patio restaurants emerged in our region.

It's a period of investment and risk, where mostly the owners saved most of their money while working at another business. It's now or never for some

In a few years, we will notice a new wave of other flavors besides Mexican or Latin in Central Oregon, like Arab food or high end Chinese food

Only time will tell, although what we recommend is that you make a list of restaurants that catch your eye and dine in to see how it's really like

Have a good week

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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