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Want A Delicious Way To Refresh Yourself This Summer of 2022 In Central Oregon?

Here's a drink that can be an appetizer as well ;)

A delicious Bloody Mary might be the ideal cocktail to refresh yourself for this blazing summer in Central Oregon

Imagine this

A cool glass, ice, an in-house mix of Bloody Mary, Vodka and a few fresh vegatables and Chicharrones to top it off..

While all these ingredients are refreshing in itself, those final touches of celery or pork rinds will make you patient during the wait of your cuisine

Looking at the photo above, these are the names of the scrumptious variations we serve (Left to Right)

Smoky Bloody Mary, Ultimate Smoky Bloody Mary, Carnaval Smoky Bloody Mary

With these drinks, summer in Central Oregon doesn't stand a chance

Stop by and try them out any day of the week!

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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