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What A Interesting Journey Has This Been...

These past few months have been having our ups and downs...

First, Covid struck the whole World

That forced us to close our doors for a while, making us wonder if we could financially survive during this time.

Thankfully we managed to keep enough money to handle the costs of running our business

After that, we were allowed to only deliver food to our guests, something that we never thought we do, but at times like these, their was no other choice

With your help and support, we managed to thrive during this time period since all restaurants understand how better and more personal your experience is when you dine-in

Now that we are several months with our restaurant fully open to dine-in, our last obstacle has been our short staffing

For this reason we appreciate your understanding during these hiccup, since our quality of service is more than usually

All we can say is that it has been an crazy year and a half journey, but we can say that our passion to keep going and your contribution to prefer our cuisine has maintained this mission alive

We'll see you around!

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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