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Why Do We Want To Bring Mezcal To Central Oregon?

Who doesn't enjoy a good night of drinks?

Well, what we seek to offer to Central Oregon is the relishment of a very popular and traditional Spirit of Mexico


Created from the heart of the Maguey, the way of the processing it gives the Mezcal liquor a much more smoky and earthy flavor than Tequila

We can confidently say that it has a light taste of rubber, where the scent invades your upper palate with a smooth aftertaste that slowly fades away

Whether it's a single shot, with our Margaritas or if you're intrigued to try a variety of Mezcal blends (ranging from Young to Aged), a Mezcal Flight would be ideal for you

We're positive that Mezcal will become a very popular Spirit here in Central Oregon for it's distinctive taste and complexity...

It's just a matter of time

Have you tried this liquor before?

If so, what do you think about

If not... What are you waiting for?

- Carnaval Mexican Grill


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